Gamma and Vray

If you are following a tutorial on Linear Workflow, you’re probably struggling with options you are not able to find or that are different from the tutorial. Latest versions of both 3d Studio Max (2013-2014) and Vray (3.0) changed their default Gamma settings.

Are you wondering how to change Max Output Gamma setting?


Well this option is discontinued, as new versions of 3d Studio Max will automatically recognize the proper Gamma value from your images. You can leave everything as it is, or, if you want to set your vray to 2.2 gamma as many tutorials will tell you, you can follow the following instructions.

First of all, this is the new ‘Gamma and LUT’ tab from your ‘Preference Settings’ in Max:


1) Be sure that Gamma is set to 2.2. We will focus on Output Gamma later.


2) Be sure that your Colour Mapping mode is on “Color mapping and gamma” in vray rendering settings.

To have an explanation on these settings compared to the previous versions here an excerpt from vray help center:

Mode – this option replaces the Don’t affect colors (adaptation only) option from previous V-Ray versions. The possible valies are:
-Color mapping and gamma – both color mapping and gamma are burned into the final image. This corresponds to Don’t affect colors (adaptation only) set to off in previous V-Ray versions.
-None – neither color mapping nor gamma are burned into the final image. This corresponds to Don’t affect colors (adaptation only) set to on in previous V-Ray versions.
-Color mapping only (no gamma) – only color mapping is burned into the final image, but not the gamma correction. This is the default option.

Linear workflow – this option is deprecated and will be removed in future versions of V-Ray. 



3) Be sure that sRGB button is OFF in your vray frame buffer window.

So now, how to export your renders in Gamma 1.0 and not 2.2?

4) You can either Override image Gamma as you save it..


OR.. you can change the Default output settings from the .ini file (don’t be scared, it’s easy!).

Go to C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 – 64bit\ENU\en-US\defaults\MAX and open CurrentDefaults.ini with Notepad. Now search for ‘Gamma’ in the text and change OutputGamma=2.200000 to OutputGamma=1.000000.

Save and enjoy!